Sea of fortune in Coin Master

Recently, the Game Corner Master adds a mini-game that allows obtaining significant gains for the progression in the event. This is the sea of fortune. This one appears next to the gain as mania. Some Coin Master players also call it “the octopus.”

What is the sea of fortune?

Coin Master offers you to sail on the sea. No wheel to launch this time as in the Viking or tribal quest. Just select a wooden chest to change landings. So far, nothing complicated! But be careful read this article to understand the intricacies of the sea of fortune and when to play it, and when to avoid it.

The purpose of the sea of fortune game

This game consists of choosing between 4 wooden chests on a course of 40 choices. The further you go in the course, the more the gains become in corners, XP, food, and especially in spins).

The objective of the game is not to choose the chest containing the purple octopus. This one appears from the 4th tier. Every five levels, you can choose between 4 wooden crates without the damned octopus being present in one of these crates.

If the player falls on the octopus, he has two options. He can give up his rewards and get back into the game or paid with his corners. At any time, the player can cash in his winnings. However, he will not be able to return and resume the course of the game.

How to choose chests by avoiding octopus

From the 4th tier, you have a 1 in 4 chance of falling on the purple octopus. Honestly, there is no special strategy for choosing chests by avoiding octopus. If Coin Master wants to make you pay, you’ll run into the octopus. I was able to test everything we can imagine:

| Technical| The result|

| — | — |

| Always take the same wooden crate| Don’t walk|

| Take the crate where the octopus appears| Not effective|

| Take the crate opposite the octopus| Inconclusive|

| Choose an inconclusive case| Same as the other techniques|

In short, it is luck and your instincts that will be your best ally. However, we continue to study this to see if there would be a “glitch” to cross by avoiding the octopus by blow on all 30 stages of the sea of fortune.

How many corners to play in the sea of fortune

To answer this question, we will answer as often it depends. It will depend on where you want to stop.

It will only take you a few billion to pay and keep playing if you come across the octopus on the first steps. A hundred billion, and even the trillion corners if you have no luck.

The fortune of the sea, therefore, costs much more than the Viking if you are unlucky. Indeed you can count between 1 and 2 trillion to get to the end, or even 3 trillion.

If you are a stocker with 800 billion, I advise you to avoid it and not try to go through with it. You might end up with nothing. Remember that corners are the nerve of war.

When and why play the sea of fortune

So why, so many players, including me, love the fortune of the sea. Ho no, it is not a question of being mad or wanting to waste our corners because we store too many tens of trillion (1 trillion being 1000 billion). We love this game because it will if you play it at the right time, allow you to earn more than you will spend.

Winning spins with the octopus

Spins won in the Sea of Fortune are important. You can expect between 10k and 20,000 easy spins. Also these spins will allow you to cross big levels in the event. So by going further into the event you will gain many corners and those spent in the octopus will be depreciated.

To depreciate 1 or 2 trillion you will have to be advanced in the villages. Indeed, the further away you are, the more the tiger will yield. In addition, your tiger will also have to help you multiply your winnings. And of course your attacks will have to be successful. The goal is not to explain to you the advantages of the tiger which you will find all the information by searching on the forum.

Earn XP in the Sea of Fortune

The second advantage I see there gain in XP. You can earn between 5 and 20 million XP. This gain allows you to evolve your animals. So you’ll be at your best for the tiger. As for the other animals, you can advance them in order to win stars. You’ll find the levels of animal progression on the forum using the search bar

Other Earnings

Finally, for me, the other gains are interesting, but they are not a reason enough to play the sea of fortune. You can have food and chests. These chests can even give you a wild card. However, you won’t play the sea of fortune in Master Corner just to hope for a wild card.

To conclude on the sea of fortune

You will play at the Sea of Fortune in Coin Master only if the gain you can expect by crossing high levels in the progression of the event will allow you to earn more Coin than spend. This part of the game is for Master Corner players who will have a substantial stock of Corners. Those who didn’t understand this will once again go whining on all Facebook groups. Don’t play Coin Master who wants to.

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