How to play at Coin Master?

Many of you are wondering how to play Coin Master well. Indeed the principle is simple: you turn the wheel of a jackpot and click on a hammer to build. These instructions are included in the game help when you installed the game. But is it really that? This is what I will explain in this article.

The beginnings in the game Coin Master

In the beginning, i.e., before level 50, this game is quite simple. Unconditional players like me are in a hurry to build at all costs, sometimes even up to much higher levels.

However, as you approach levels 90 / 100, it gets more complicated. Indeed it takes more and more coins to build your village Coin Master. So we are trying to finish our sets of cards, and we are all going to cry on Facebook groups to get cards in exchange. Then come the first disappointments. Indeed these exchangeable cards are rare or very rare for some of them.

Moreover, the gold cards are not exchangeable, except during the gold card exchange events. It begins a galley without getting the cards and the scams of people who send nothing in return. A little money is then spent on the game. You continue with the same strategy and stop playing towards the 120 levels because it is impossible to follow. Indeed it is costly if you play like that.

However, many players have these cards by the thousands and coins by tens or hundreds of billions. You might think they cheat at Coin Master, but they don’t. It’s all about strategy.

How do players with lots of coins play well?

Many of you have helped me. I made a lot of mistakes in this game, and when I got to level 89, I didn’t see how it was possible to move forward with my 60 laps in the morning and the 60 in the evening. And yet, I saw many players on the Coin Master forums with lots of coins. So I investigated and discussed with many players mostly located in the USA. I also didn’t understand how they had tens or hundreds of Santa Claus cards corner master. And even less why they were giving them away without anything in return, whereas on Facebook groups in France, it’s “I’ll trade and/or I’ll rip you off.” So I asked these fat guys to explain me. They all have the same strategy, which is detailed below.

Avoid getting your village destroyed

For this, you need to own an empty village, that is to say, without any construction. This protects you from attacks but prevents you from spinning the jackpot to get shields.

Finish your sets of cards as you go along and if you need

A classic mistake when you spend your coins in construction is that you don’t finish your sets of cards because you don’t buy chests. The problem is that the more card sets you have open, the more cards you will need. It is also essential to keep in mind that the probability of completing your sets completely will decrease mechanically. The double penalty is that the Viking always offers a low-level gold card. So even if you want to finish a Viking quest, it will only bring a few turns. Don’t close your sets if you don’t need spins: the more open sets you have with a possibility to complete them, the better. Finally, the later you close a collection of cards, the better it will be for your progress.

Do not buy chests

To advance, you need cards. You can cry like me because you have very few. Then try complicated exchanges on Facebook groups. One can be lucky and fall on sympathetic contacts who give you the rare cards for free, and that exists, but that does not change the deal. You must absolutely buy Coin Master boxes. By buying chests, you finish your sets of cards and increase the probability of getting new cards. Let’s imagine that a card is given at a frequency of 1%. You need to open 100 chests to get one. For some of them, the frequency is lower. So no mystery, you have to buy thousands and thousands of chests.

Tip Coin Master: if possible, buy your chests when the game offers 50% more cards.

How to save your turns in Coin Master?

To advance in Coin Master, you have to play big. And it’s not with the 5 or 6 rounds given every hour or our 100 Facebook friends that this will help. Many people say that 10,000 spins in stock are the bare minimum. This allows you to play 100 times and have enough spins to get loot (preferably big).

The technique to save spins is based on several elements:

  • Don’t play unnecessarily, like going and getting a shield because his village is under construction.
  • Recover the free tours proposed by Coin Master on Facebook by various links. This represents about a hundred laps per day.
  • Finish your sets, and don’t play your tricks unnecessarily.

Finish his sets of cards if you need spins

To finish the card set, the most difficult is to get the gold cards. To do this, you have to do the Viking. The first level ensures only one gold card. The last, most challenging level earns you a gold card that closes the lowest unfinished card set. The interest of finishing them mostly on the first sets is therefore paramount.

To complete the Viking quest’s last level, you have to spend between 10 and 20 billion coins to get the previous card. So finishing a multi-billion Viking to get the Chocolate Gold card doesn’t make sense.

Seeing big in the plundering of friends

As much as the attacks are to be proscribed between friends (moreover, one can attack randomly to avoid attacking them), as much looting is beneficial. Indeed to finish a Viking quest and have 20 billion, you only need 2 or 3 big lootings. All without exception need big lootings, that is to say in x 100 (minimum later in the game is x 200), especially with the foxy (activated fox). So you can hope to get between 5 and 10 billion in case of perfect looting.

How to save coins and make a stock? How to keep coins and make a stock ?

This Coin Master coin stock technique is used by the majority of big players. But how do you do it? For that, we will see what we must avoid:

Lose your stack in a night or a few days because of our contacts “plunder for nothing.” Therefore, we must banish the “small players” from friends who will take 30 / 40 million by looting for nothing. For nothing means by being in x3 or x5 or even x10 to build unnecessarily or to have shields and fall on looting on your account.

Have friends who have large stocks of parts to always have on hand large lootings at the time of the Viking or when building your village in one go.

Don’t play unnecessarily, i.e., spin the jackpot. This way, we don’t take coins from our contacts unnecessarily. Moreover, you will be subject to random looting but in no case via friends on the condition that they play the same way.

When to start its stock of parts ?

It is essential to answer this question before starting to stock parts. To answer this question, you need to study your set of cards. Indeed there are 2 cases of figures.

A lot of unclosed card sets

Many available sets of cards (more than 10): Those who didn’t finish the first sets and built can find themselves with about 30 sets to finish and mostly gold cards missing in the best case. Many are also looking for rare cards. In this case, it is imperative to complete the majority of the sets before storing them. In the meantime, you can start the stock of tricks. Then you play with the money left over from the first looting to make the first level Viking. Remember the Viking’s last gold card is one of the smallest we are missing, and it will cost you tens of billions).

Just 4 or 5 unfinished sets of cards
For those who have a majority of the closed set, you can start and grow your amount of coins.

You must be located in the village 60 at least and 80 preferably in the two previous cases. Starting your gold stock at level 10 or 20 doesn’t make sense and is not possible because you will be looted before it has time to go up.

Finally, a gold stock must be made up of various amounts between 2 and 5 billion. This amount is a minimum to start your stock depending on the number of friends who will plunder you.

Build your village in one step
Concerning the construction of one’s village(s), it must be done in a single step. Ideally, you should do it when you only have 2 or 3 sets left to finish. You must take advantage of the master event of the village to win some precious tricks. For many, it seems utopian but doesn’t worry, if you save your tricks, you make a stock of gold and have good friends for the big loot; this is a formality. Some players build between 5 and 10 villages at each progression in the game.

Play every day Play every day
This may seem paradoxical in light of previous explanations that encourage less frequent gambling. But don’t forget that Coin Master rewards its regular players with a daily calendar that makes you win tricks, coins, and chests.

Then feed your animals and especially your fox with the free food. Even if you are not going to spin the jackpot using this bonus. You will earn a few XP every day.

Finally collect the free spins via different links to increase your coin stock. Attention to play well at Coin Master it is imperative to play with the application :

Indeed only the application allows to easily retrieve free rides every day. Spin the wheel and if you can buy a chest with the coins, win.

Hox to play well at Coin Master
As detailed throughout this article, playing well at Coin Master is first to avoid mistakes. Then you must have a solid strategy. Finally, remember that you alone will never be able to progress to high levels in the game. You need to build a core group of people with the same strategy.

Those who don’t apply this strategy will quickly give up towards the 100 levels of the game.

Feel free to comment and share this article on Coin Master player groups to progress together.

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