How to cheat at Coin Master?

How to cheat Coin Master. The real things working.

To cheat Coin Master, you need to have a good strategy and know some tricks. After my 10 pieces of advice on the game Coin Master here is my game strategy. But you will have mostly to respect rules to last in the game. I present to you my advice and my updated approach. It’s free, so don’t hesitate to share it with your friends, family, and any group you think would be useful. By following them, you will become a good player of Coin Master. So you will stop, at last, I hope, whining about the difficulty of the game. Because yes, Coin Master is difficult. But with rigor and discipline, you will succeed; otherwise, you will give up.

The ranking, you will not play

Don’t play the game to win places in the rankings—play Coin Master to win tricks and Gold. Chasing after the best place in the leaderboard to the loss of turns and coins. And I can promise you that you are ready to play x100 and waste your spins for 1st place—no need to cheat to be a leader.

A baby counts, you will own

A smaller account is required to advance in the game. This one will give you easy looting in the first phase of the game. It will then be used for attacks. Do not advance it beyond village 100. You can cheat even because you will control your attacks.

A VIP you will be

VIP status is granted by Coin Master 310 to good individual players. If this is not the case, please pay attention to your turn pool. Indeed you risk playing a more difficult tournament. If you are not part of the Coin Master VIP Account or Coin Master VIP Status’s restricted club. Spend your rounds before the tournament starts. Then VIPs are often people who spend money on the game. However, this is not a requirement. You can’t cheat to be VIP. Only paying.

Viking, you will win, turns you will get

The Viking allows you to gain 129 turns. However, only complete this quest if you obviously have enough coins. Don’t forget that you will also earn 5000 precious turns to advance in the game. Moreover, if you close a card collection, you will win even more favors and the two Gold seen by the Viking. But beware, this is not an obligation to finish the Viking. Save your Coins. Cheat the Viking and bank your coins.

The master of the village, you will be

Everything must be optimized when you play Coin Master. The complete construction will only be done during the village master event. Moreover, sometimes you have to wait for three or four good events to get a good village master. Don’t be in a hurry to reduce your stock of parts. Keep it because the game means the master of the coins doesn’t forget it.

Objectives you will set yourself

Without objectives, there is no coherent progression. You will set goals for yourself. Whether it’s stars, coin storage, upgrading a pet to the maximum, or your tower stock, you will play your game your way. But it has to be done thoughtfully. Don’t always search to cheat. Fix your own goal.

Envy you will not be

Don’t be envious of another player’s account. This capital fishing will make you lose your mind. People will always progress at different rates. Some will ever want to spend money while others will risk much more than you. You just have to play the game at your own pace. If you know some cheater learn from them.

You’ll get lot of coins

The best way to get rare white cards 108 is to create the baby account below level 100. You then build one of 200 to 300 B (billion) coins. Then you spend 25 B’s on each card boom, which will help you massively without touching your stock. This advice is also valid for gold cards of the lower level. You can, of course, count on your real friends to get them. But watch out for the white cards always after the gold card.

The rare cards you will exchange

The higher the village, the higher the prices of the chests. This means that you count on a lot of negotiation for the carte blanche, i.e., card exchanges on Facebook. It will help get many Santa Claus, lettuce or left-handed Lenny, the best play-money to get all the white cards.

You will take care of your pet

When you make your pet progress, you also earn stars. This way, you can move up in the rankings even without building. It is crucial to make your pet progress. Priority is given to the foxy for looting. Then if you don’t give up, the tiger (attacks). Be careful. Most you climb in the levels, the more it costs. I have prepared the progression chart of your animals that you can consult on the site. If you use right your pets no need to cheat.

Buy chests you will avoid

Don’t spend your coins on chests that will only add duplicates to your main account. Cards for the vaults are a big scam, and in the end, you could end up with 0 new cards. You should only use them to get spins if you are short of spins in a tournament. The joker card is a bit like a dream.

From the Viking your gold cards, you will have

Get all your VIKING gold cards! Don’t buy safes to get gold cards because it costs a lot of money. Exchange your gold cards in each set, and this way, Vikings will give you the Gold very quickly. If you don’t have any cards in a collection, the Vikings can sometimes don’t give you a gold card.

The attack event you will watch

Attack Madness is one of the worst events to play. I suggest stopping early enough if you are not seasoned. However, for the high levels, that is to say, after 200, it allows you to win many corners. Indeed the attacks are the best events for them. If you need to cheat event, this one is the best.

Symbolic tournaments you will love

Symbolic tournaments are the easiest to play. This is especially true for the 10-symbol tournament. They allow you to make big raids but especially profit spins. If you play symbol events correctly, then your progress is assured. Players love the Looting Madness event, but the Symbol Tournament will be your best ally.

In the fables of the villages, you won’t believe

Boom villages do not exist!!! I am sorry to disappoint you. It is a myth that can never be verified. It comes from the website of Coin Master, which says that if you don’t get new cards change villages. However, many parameters include the number of cards the game decides to deal in each village and the number of cards already obtained by other players.

An attacker, you will become

The tiger is better than the fox, but only when your village level is at least level 200. Indeed the tiger becomes more profitable than the foxy to gain many corners for high grades. You can cheat if you don’t have any baby account to link Facebook and expose the village.

Free spins you will collect

It is essential to collect the links that offer you tours. You can find them in specific applications on Android or iPhone. Even if you have many towers (more than 10000), do not neglect this harvest, which will help maintain your Gold. It can also save your life in a tournament.

Your open card collections, you will keep

It is important not to close your 58 card collections just when you need to (reserve spins). I advise you to keep them on hand in case of an accident in a tournament. Indeed it is at this time that they will be most useful to you. It should be seen as a second chance. A collection of cards is used to revive an account. Hey, this is not a game card!!!

Patience you will have

Coin Master is also a game of patience. When a new tournament starts, never try to finish it in one go. This is a known fact among regular players. The wheel is more challenging to get in one shot than when you do it in several steps. This is especially true in Viking. This is also the case in tournaments. Coin Master is a marathon and not a speed race. If you understand this, then a great path to success has been made.

The bets you will master

You have to control your bet. The game Coin Master has evolved dramatically. It will continue to evolve. In the meantime, stop playing in x80 or x100 systematically. You will be able to play more tricks and win more. Paradoxically you will waste precious tricks by playing in x80 or x100. I’ve seen this several times by merely calculating my winning percentage.

From friends, you will learn

Before starting a new tournament, read the feedback on the groups. You will then know if it is interesting to play or not the new tournament. By doing so, you will have a more precise idea. Learn from others and share your experiences.

The time you will win

Time is an important notion. Don’t tackle a new event if you know you will be taken up by time. Please also make sure that you are in the right third of the tournament to avoid tackling a more difficult one. Rewards that will be reaped late due to lack of time may well not be obtained.

Too many rounds, you will not have

The more rounds you have, the more difficult the tournament will be 64. For example, you can find a list of rewards for a 10 Symbols 232 tournament on this ticket. Having spins is essential but not too much. Otherwise, you will be put in a group that will prevent you from making spin profit 55. It is better to have fewer spins and finish sets after the tournament starts than to have a pool of spins before the tournament.

The mania you’ll be waiting for

Always try to play an event during Reward Mania 105. You will be given extra turns as well as extra XP and corners. There is no small economy in the game. Every little extra is good to take.

At the right time, the golden card you will collect

Never waste your time playing tournaments to win gold cards unless you need to complete a set. However, the game changes, and sometimes it only takes a few points to win it. Take advantage of this when it happens. Also, there is usually a set blast that appears during this tournament, so it is best to try to collect it during. If you have to win it, try to get it during this one. Finally, the gold trade is the top 142 to get a gold card, sometimes for free.

The food you won’t spoil

Use your free pet food 2 at appropriate times. They are for one-time play and not for a long sequence of play. Try to calculate when to use it, so you don’t spend your pet food unnecessarily. Don’t waste food. Also, you gain a little XP.

Your coins you will keep

The stock of coins is a top priority !!! The game is Coin Master, which means the master of the coins. It is not Card Master nor a game of 7 families. I have proven in several accounts how the coin stock is the most important 67. Much more critical than the towers. Of course, you need towers to get coins, but you can build up a corner stock with only 100 buildings a day. And the lathes you get with the free lathes and the links.

To mermaids, you will not succumb to the sirens

Ignore the sirens that insist you build. Whatever your level of corner stock, ignore those who push you to create. This is not a starring contest. Coin Master is a marathon. You will advance at your own pace, but you will succeed.

The tiger you will adopt

If you are in village 200, then you will have to forget the foxy to use the tiger. The game changes as you move through the game. Ideally, you should have a baby counts below level 100/110. You build the 1st building at maximum and use the tiger to attack it at events to expose it. Then you rebuild on the baby counts permanently. That’s the secret to making a profit of 300, 600B, or even 1000 billion at an event. The tiger is absolutely crazy for high levels. Successful attacks yield a better profit than the fox.

A team you will join

Coin Master is not an individual game. It is a real team game. You must form one or integrate one of about twenty players. Mutual help, stock of corners, and sharing of tips and game sequences will allow you to progress. Also, with trusted players who store, you will have big lootings and will not be attacked.

The sales you will make

This instruction will be enormously appreciated by the feminine side of the game. In Coin Master, you have to make the sales. Indeed it is now possible to benefit from a 20% discount on the whole village or 65% on the last and most expensive line. Building with the sales allows you to advance without destroying your stock of Corners. Build cheaper your village Coin Master 87, build smart.

Facebook groups you will join

Coin Master is an essential community of players. Numerous Facebook groups animated by friendly admins, or not, will help you to play this game as well. You will exchange your cards or get some back as a donation depending on the group. It’s essential to be part of these groups to have fun in the game.

In this forum, you will register

Consulting my tips is okay. Being active is better. The easiest way to participate is to use it with the DiscourseHub application. Just add the website address [](https://Coin Master), and you’re on your way. You will be able to search our articles, ask your questions or answer questions from other players. Be careful with the card swapping done on your Facebook groups. Indeed it is not the vocation of the site.

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