10 tips to play at Coin Master

Many Coin Master players will stop because they didn’t get the right advice to play correctly. I had written an article on my Coin Master 34 tips, but this one is quite detailed. So I’m going to try to synthesize with 10 tips to follow to play Coin Master properly.

Tip #1: Do not collect the white cards

The first error is to retrieve the white cards before the gold cards Coin Master 35. And although I am giving you this first piece of advice which is one of the most important to move forward in the game, 90% of those who read this advice will do as they please. In advance, I’ll say goodbye because you’ll give up but without saying “if I had known.”

  1. And this is why this advice is so important. Close the blast set and get 30% more spins.
  2. Do not suffer the closure of a set (see tip number 2)

Tip #2: Keep as many card collections open as possible.

After being on the hunt for white cards, you close your card collections too quickly. You need to understand what a Coin Master card set is for. A Coin Master card collection 34 a free spins reserve. So you need to make fair use of it. You don’t close a set because you can, but only if you need spins.

Tip #3: don’t play events correctly

Coin Master works according to a cycle of events that follow one another. In each event, you have side tournaments. You have to combine both in your game to win spins and corners. You have to play by combining the two in your game to go as far as possible in the event and win spins but especially Corners. Finally, learn the difference between an event and a tournament in Coin Master 94.

Tip #4: Wanting to go too fast

You didn’t know it when you downloaded this game, but playing Coin Master is like running a marathon. You’ve been away for months, if not years. So don’t sprint. Speed and Coin Master (instead of rushing) don’t mix at all. How to move fast in the game. Simply, it’s impossible. You have to learn this at the risk of being disappointed and frustrated.

Tip #5: don’t store your corners

You play Coin Master but don’t even think for 30 seconds about the meaning of the game. To be the master of the pieces means to have a maximum of pieces called corners. Without a growing stock of corners in Coin Master 49, that is to say, it keeps getting bigger and bigger. You will be crying to build your villages. Too many players confuse Coin Master with Master Card or with a Yoyo game by unnecessarily spending coins in the Viking or chests.

Tip #6: Don’t have patience

Patience is a virtue and not only in Coin Master. Indeed with patience, you can earn more. And yes, you will wait for the manias or rewards in madness. You will play only during the excellent side tournaments, you will build your village Coin Master cheaper with the sales, you will not waste your time looking for the cards. In short, you will play differently but believe me, with much more pleasure.

Tip #7: Learn the thirds and how Coin Master works.

You have to play with a strategy in Coin Master. And yes, it’s not just stupidly hitting the jackpot and then thoughtlessly clicking on a hammer to build. Events are assigned by third parties. That is to say, the more spins you have, the harder it is. If you have never heard of this, I suggest you read my article on 169 tournaments.

Tip #8: Don’t adjust the bets

I advise you to avoid using the same bet in Coins Master all the time. This is even more true with high bets. Every event and tournament has its own probabilities. You will have to adapt your chances based on the game sequences to make the events as successful as possible.

Tip #9: Participate in the forum

You will find on this forum dedicated to Coin Master a lot of information. Learn how to use it properly. There is a search bar to find information. You will also be able to exchange with other players. Nobody knows everything, but everyone knows a little. You will be able to progress by sharing your information and participating in this forum to become your reference to play Coin Master correctly.

Tip #10: listen to the advice

And yes, all the above advice will be useless if you do as you please. You have to listen to other players who have advanced in the game. Not listening to the direction is the best solution if you want to give up. But in this case, please stop complaining. Counselors don’t pay. But bad luck for you, in this case, you can believe me.

I hope that these 10 tips from the game Coin Master will help you play better. It is essential to understand them to go far in the game. If you don’t follow them, you will give up quickly. The fast one being the village 100, 150 but very often before the village 200. You can no longer say I didn’t know that Coin Master was a challenging game that combines reflection and strategy.

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I truly appreciate your recommendations and tips.
Thank u for this.
Only one question: what are the “corners” ?

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